Lisa  Aronzon received her MFA in Glass from the California College of Arts  and Crafts in 1992, and a BFA in Painting from California State  University at Northridge in 1980.  She is an exhibiting member of the  American Craft Council, Carolina Designer Craftsmen and shows her glass at many Art Festivals around the country.

Born  and raised in Los Angeles CA, until the age of 23 years when she moved  to Sonoma CA, there she taught herself about glass fusing and slumping.  In 1987 she took a glass blowing workshop and entered into school full  time in 1989 at CCAC, Oakland CA.   After  receiving a MFA, Lisa joined a  cooperative glass studio for four years until she build her  own glass blowing studio in  Oakland, 1998.  In 2006 Lisa moved to the  beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, bought a home and rebuild her studio on her own property. 

In  2012 Lisa responded to Presidents Obama’s request to help our Veterans  return home from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  She was inspired to  create an event that would allow Veterans to experience glass blowing in  their hometowns by organizing glass studios and workshops throughout  our nation. The project called “Veterans Glassblowing Day” is an ongoing event at many glass blowing schools and workshops.  Veterans and active service members, are able to attend a free Glassblowing  class or experience at  the participating schools.

 Living in the Shenandoah Valley, Lisa is able to enjoy blowing glass,  painting, drawing, gardening, kayaking, wine tasting and hiking.  She  travels extensively selling her hand blown glass at Fine Art Festivals  around the country.